2mm lamella of wood that allows you to take advantage of the minimum thickness

Hrast Smart

is a lamella that allows you to take advantage of the minimum thickness for an extremely easy installation. Wood, oak or fir, laminated with a total thickness of 2mm glued with D4 glue and with slight gleaning on the sides. It does not contain substances harmful to humans.

Equipped with a latest-generation sticker, it makes any pose child’s play. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, it transforms every surface into the wood: wall, wood, tiles, iron, glass, aluminum.

dettaglio hrast smart
hrast smart pavimento

Quality, dynamism, and flexibility

the keywords of the Hrast Smart Crispino Parquet line which, thanks to the dedication of a close-knit and qualified staff, have recorded continued success in the wood flooring sector.

Born as a manufacturer of wooden parquet, the Company, responding to customer requests and market developments, has expanded its offer with a series of new and original products. Products that, for their versatility and quality, received great success from customers, ranging from small craftsman to co-maker, from the furniture production company to large-scale distribution.

Results that are rewarding company policies and investments, all the banner of sophisticated technologies and refined and innovative materials, with the desire to pursue the highest quality of product and service, operating in respect of the environment. A mission that involves every production phase, from the choice of raw materials to the assembly techniques, to the first customer assistance, whose satisfaction is daily at the center of the commitment of the Crispino Parquet team

Hrast Smart in home living


The ease and dynamism of our Hrast Smart also lie in the fact that it is possible to apply on any surface, as long as it is clean and degreased, such as a wall, for example, even in the presence of sockets, switches and wall devices.

In the photo on the side, in the wall installation, we applied our 2 mm thick Hrast Smart also on a wooden door. The surprising effect is that the cut of the door is disappeared by integrating with the rest of the wall just like a painting

The floor is made of a French plug of Slavonia Solid Oak ..

To know all the specifications, colors and effects available, download our HRAST SMART information brochure by clicking on the button below

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parete showroom