Traditional solid parquet

Traditional parquet floors retain all the warmth of solid wood.

The wide selection of essences and sizes available and our attention to meet the trend of the moment, such as the table or the thorns, allows us to meet the aesthetic, integrated and budget needs of each project.

Lamparquet, small plank, T&G plank, industrial: each plank is the piece of a quality mosaic, all noble wood with thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 22mm and that guarantee beauty and durability, thanks to the possibility of being able to smooth it several times.

A skillful installation that respects the steps of the installation, sanding, sealing and painting done in a workmanlike manner, they will guarantee the success of the work.

In this tailor-made operation, the taste of the client finds a way to express himself by being able to choose the finish, a choice that can also include colors, oil or natural wax.

Available sizes
Thickness 10mm:
– width from 50 to 75 mm
– length from 250 to 500 mm

Thickness 14mm:
– width from 70 to 140 mm
– length from 300 to 1500 mm

20mm thickness:
– width from 120 to 250 mm
– length from 600 to 2400 mm

Quality choices compliant with the UNI EN13489 technical standard:
• First choice Ο
• Standard Δ
• Rustic □

Wood essences
Oak, Olive, Teak, Doussiè, Walnut, Iroko

Teak Traditional

Oak Traditional

Iroko Traditional

Walnut Tradizional